The Importance of Safety Inspections

Crane operators and anyone who works with the construction site industry needs to be aware that the inspections performed on these job sites are incredibly important. Not only are these inspections about keeping people safe, which should always be a top priority, but they also reflect on the nature of the company that is doing the work in the first place. No company wants to become known as an unsafe employer to work for, and that is why crane safety inspections are taken so seriously in the eyes of most companies.

OSHA Guidelines

At American Inspection and Test Inc., one of the things that we harp on quite a bit with our customers is the need for OSHA standards to be met. We hate to see a company falter in its ability to keep up with these standards. It can be devastating to the company’s bottom line to receive OSHA warning after OSHA warning, and yet, this is what happens to many companies time and time again. In fact, you may be surprised to learn just how common this type of violation is. It is certainly something worth being concerned about, and it is exactly why we tell our clients that they need to do what they can to keep themselves insulated from these types of violations.

The guidelines exist for a reason: to keep everyone on the crew as safe as possible. Obviously, no company wants to see its people get hurt, but some situations arise when it is incredibly challenging to prevent something like this from happening. If you are following the OSHA guidelines, you have the best chance of avoiding a disaster that could prove very costly.

Crane Inspections Ensure Cranes Are Working Properly

Aside from worker safety, crane inspections are good for another reason: They ensure the safety of the crane that one is operating with as well. You want to make sure that your equipment is holding up as you would expect it to at any given time. This can be thought of as an insurance policy of sorts in the sense that you are at least working to keep the equipment that you spend so much money on in good working condition.

The safety of your workers is priority number one, but you might also discover that you can save some money and frustration by having your crane looked at during the inspection. Perhaps there is something about the crane that can be fixed at this time. If that is the case, wouldn’t you want to know about it? This can all be handled at once when you have a proper crane safety inspection come through your place of business. Get on board with the idea of working with inspectors to ensure the safety of your crane as soon as possible.