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What Ultrasonic Testing Is Used For

What Ultrasonic Testing Is Used For Ultrasonic testing or UT is a non-destructive testing (NDT) method that uses ultrasonic waves to detect and measure the thickness and internal flaws of materials. Ultrasonic waves are sound waves with frequencies higher than the human hearing range, typically above 20 kHz. UT is widely used in various industrial […]

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3 Primary Methods of Ultrasonic Examination and What They’re Used For

Ultrasonic examination is a method of testing materials using sound waves to find defects in materials. This can be done through either or both sides of an object or even on one side only when the opposite side is inaccessible. Testing is important for many types of materials to go through to find defects, cracks, or […]

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Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Ultrasonic Examination

Ultrasonic testing is a specialized examination process used in the manufacturing, automotive, and medical industries. The following discusses the testing, how it’s used, and what one would have to do to acquire test equipment. What is ultrasonic testing? Ultrasonic testing is a type of testing referred to as non-destructive. Specialists call it non-destructive because people […]

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