Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Ultrasonic Examination

Ultrasonic testing is a specialized examination process used in the manufacturing, automotive, and medical industries. The following discusses the testing, how it’s used, and what one would have to do to acquire test equipment.

What is ultrasonic testing?

Ultrasonic testing is a type of testing referred to as non-destructive. Specialists call it non-destructive because people can perform it without harming the testing materials or items being examined.

The equipment used for ultrasonic testing consists of portable flaw detectors, transducers, probes, and other items, depending on the testing needs. The test is performed via ultrasonic waves.

The equipment sends the waves through the target object at certain frequencies and then records the activity. The person performing the testing then uses the information to determine the reliability or effectiveness of a product.

What is ultrasonic examination?

An ultrasonic examination is a test performed solely to search for flaws. This type of testing requires the use of a piezoelectric transducer connected to a flaw detector.

The tested object is typically coupled with gel, water, or another substance to the testing unit. The test performer then runs the transducer across the object, allowing the sound energy to work its way into the part and perform the test.

This type of test should take less than one hour if the technician performs it correctly. However, it can be longer or shorter, depending on the object being studied and whether additional objects need to go through the same study process.

What needs ultrasonic examination?

A vast assortment of items can be examined using ultrasonic technologies. The most common materials used in this process are metals, plastics, composites, concrete, and ceramics. Numerous industries use this equipment to determine whether their products are safe, and some companies use it to test items periodically for defects.

The most common and well-known industry that uses this equipment is the medical imaging field. Another industry that uses it quite frequently is the oil and gas industry. Construction companies use this type of equipment and testing as well. It’s capable of serving various industries, including ones not yet mentioned.

How do you get ultrasonic examination equipment?

Flaw detection equipment can typically be rented or purchased. Interested businesses can use a few different avenues to obtain the test equipment. Some home improvement shops sell the equipment, but clients may have to place their orders online.

Alternatively, many online technology solutions companies offer the equipment. Remember, the prices can vary depending on where someone chooses to go to purchase the product. It’s highly productive to take the time out to research the items and find the one with the best consumer reviews and the most helpful features.

You are now aware of what ultrasonic testing is and how beneficial it can be when used in the correct application. You can start looking for the right equipment for your needs today.